Magickal Roots Copal Beeswax Intention Candle


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Introducing WICKED CANDLES :D Candles made from consciously sourced ingredients :BeesWax a natural air purifier that removes Negative IONS from the air providing aerial healing (like sage!)Essential Oils providing super healing aromatherapy to help you relax and heal your spaceHempWick made form organic hemp & beeswax helps to further purify the air & space and contains NO LEAD & doesn't Soot :D  Comes with a healing Crystal that further provides healing when the candle is gone    

These Candles are Called Magickal Roots & Provide the intention of honoring all the beautiful coincidences that occurred for you to be here today ☄️ This candle connects your roots from where they originated to where your rooted in this lifetime 💕 This candle is a bit different than my other candles. Usually I use essential oils to scent candles, but these candles are scented with High Quality Copal Resin from Oaxaca 🙏🏽 Copal is used to create a sacred space & to clear, protect, and purification ✨ Copal can also be very therapeutic when burned 🌱Opalite helps you to connects with your authentic original self helping to call back parts of yourself giving you extra strength 💕 Physically Cempasúchil has been known to clear parasites in the Intenstine 🌿 Energetically Cempas will help with the clearing of parasites imbedded in your auric field 💕

💕Always made with love & the highest intentions 💕

♥   These are 4oz candles♥

I freaking LOVE this beautiful candle! You can really feel the love, care, and intention poured into it! The scent is so grounding and the pairing of the flowers and stone is powerful. This candle has helped me through some grief recently. Highly recommend this shop!

As all the other fragrances , form this this site, so natural and beautiful

I am a repeat customer because I really enjoy these candles. I love to give them as gifts, they are beautiful.

Absolutely beautiful product, arrived quickly!

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