Manifesto Presto Beeswax Gemstone EO Candle


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Introducing WICKED CANDLES :D Candles made from consciously sourced ingredients :BeesWax a natural air purifier that removes Negative IONS from the air providing aerial healing (like sage!)Essential Oils providing super healing aromatherapy to help you relax and heal your spaceHempWick made form organic hemp & beeswax helps to further purify the air & space and contains NO LEAD & doesn't Soot :D  Comes with a healing Crystal that further provides healing when the candle is gone    

Hehe this is something I say for when I want my goals and manifestations to happen NOW. Hahaha 😅 I developed this candle with the intention of clearing what no longer serves you in your life and to welcome all that does ! It’s meant to bring you abundance, prosperity, and to help you to realign your goals & to focus on whaat the universe is presenting to you ! Meaning= MONEY COME TO ME PLS😅
A blend of 🌿Eucalyptus&Tangerine;🍊 this blend is amazing for lung health & support and for anybody who suffer from respiratory conditions. 
On top of being made in BeesWax🐝 which is already amazing for respiratory health ! 
Each of these comes with a Citrine Stone which is amazing for attracting money & goals !
Made with Love & Reiki🌿⭐️🌸

I have bought all of the candle scents and I love every one of them, they are all unique and wonderful!

I'm in love with this candle. burns great and smells amazing. just follow the directions on the candle and it will last.

Return customer for the wonderful candles. Fast shipping. Extra gifts were great, thanks!

This candle does smell wonderful and looks pretty. Super fast shipping and a wonderful extra gift was included, thanks!

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