Refresh Myself Essential Oil Aromatherapy Smudge Spray


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Refresh Myself Aromatherapy Spray 🌿🌈

This is a delicious blend of:
🌿Peppermint EO
🌿Spearmint EO
🌿Bergamot EO
🌿Eucalyptus EO

Use this as a spray for your body, your aura, for your sacred spaces, or on your linens 🌿

Repeat the affirmation as you spray refresh around you :

‘Im ready for this new journey of adventure & abundance’🌿

Use to:
✨Refresh a space
✨Cleanse space
✨Feel renewed
✨Invigorate your senses

Always made with love & with high quality essential oils 💗🌈🌿🌸

4oz 120ml bottles

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