Holistic Health Practitioner & Cert. Clinical Herbalist creating herbal remedies for ailments of all kind 💗

It all started with a Tincture. I began making herbal products in 2016 to help my family and their health issues. I first started with the Chill Out, Purple Tonic, Love Potion, Sunshine Syrup,  Osha Root Oxymel, & Mommas Milk. To this day we still have 5/6 formulations still being made. 
I created some products that would help with Anxiety, Illness, Coughs, and Diaper Rashes and then began formulating my Achey Body Balm that helps with deep, excessive pain. After creating stuff that would help my family and talking about its effectiveness, many of my friends and extended family began to ask me to buy things for themselves. This is when I realized this was the beginning of something beautiful. 
We did pop-ups, farmers markets, online,  and now we are very blessed to have had the opportunity to open up The Church Of Herbalism located at 2205 Logan Ave. San Diego, CA 92113 where we will be able to have a safe space to spread the love and knowledge of herbs & plants.
We're truly grateful to be able to hold space on sacred Kumeyaay Land & right by Historic Chicano Park. 
We couldn't of found a better spot to be able to contribute to the community and reclaiming the knowledge & practices that were once ours. We are reclaiming our practices, our connection, & our spirituality. 
We don't need fancy tools or another human to connect us to our creator; we are already connected and we are here to nature that connection with plants & flowers.

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